Commissioning blueplanet 87.0 - 165 TL3


Energy transition Made in Germany: The state-of-the-art KACO new energy blueplanet 87.0 - 165 TL3 PV inverters make it easy for you to get started with the energy transition. 

In this exciting webinar, you will learn more about commissioning these powerful PV inverters blueplanet 87.0 - 165 TL3. The webinar is aimed at PV installers. 



1. Inverter´s construction

2. Product variants

3. Assembly and installation

4. Checklist commissioning 

5. Commissioning options

6. Commissioning

7. Maintenance


Additional information can be found on YouTube: 

Configuration video:

Installation video:



Jascha Stegmaier

Associate System Support, KACO new energy

Jascha is a trained electronics technician. Jascha has been supporting our customer service since 2021. In his daily work, he supports our installers and provides advanced technical support.