Bidirectional Battery Inverters blueplanet gridsave 50.0, 92.0, 110, 137 TL3-S


In this webinar, we cover our highly efficient Made In Germany bidirectional battery inverters, the blueplanet gridsave 50.0, 92.0, 110 and 137 TL3-S. We provide a comprehensive overview of our solution to system integrators. 

Our string inverters are designed for AC-coupled, on-grid energy storage applications with high voltage batteries. With their superior design and the extensive services of KACO new energy, they are best in class products. 

We will show you how you can avoid to pay thousands of EUR for external interface switches, using the advanced KACO solution. In addition, we provide a general product overview, including the correct communication setup, AC- and DC-Scaling, AC-SPD and more.  


- Executive Summary

- About KACO new energy - A Siemens Company

- Product Overview

- Features

- References

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Contact us:
Alexander Plonka
Business Development Management
+49 7132 896-2129


Alexander Plonka

Business Development Manager, KACO new energy GmbH - A Siemens Company

Alex joint KACO new energy in early 2021. With a Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) in Energy Management and an MBA in International Management, Alex is the perfect match to walk you through the technical and commercial details of our blueplanet gridsave bidirectional battery inverters.

Since Alex is our sales rep for the blueplanet gridsave series, many of our clients know him in person.

Contact information:
Alexander Plonka
Business Development Management
KACO new energy GmbH - A Siemens Company
+49 7132 896-2129
+49 172 798 65 84